Timebound (11x17 & 5x7)

Timebound (11x17 & 5x7)


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A sorcerer supreme, a 300 year old witch and a conqueror waiting at the end of time? What do they have in common? They are Timebound!

Timebound is a rock/alt band comprised of Doctor Strange, Agatha and Kang the Conqueror. For those who are bound by time.

These are now available in 11x17 and 5x7 on heavy cardstock! All prints will arrive next week! I will ship them out as soon as they arrive!

Agatha tattoos are the runes that Wanda casted
Wanda’s crown tattooed on Agatha
“All Along” is across her drumsticks
Sparky’s collar is Agatha’s Anklet
Doctor Strange’s caduceus for his profession and to represent the healing of the human body
Eye of Agamotto tattooed on Doctor Strange’s hand and chest
Doctor Strange’s shirt is a mystic arts symbol
TVA pin on Kang
Miss Minutes Shirt
Sylvie’s horns on Kang



  • Timebound (11x17)

  • Timebount (5x7) ($5.00)