Emotional Trauma (11x17 & 5x7)


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A scared baby witch, a semi-stable 106-year-old man and a would-be king. What do they have in common? Emotional Trauma!

These are now available in 11x17 and 5x7 on heavy cardstock!

✨ Emotional Trauma is of course a rock/alt band comprised of Wanda, Bucky and Loki because of their shared emotional trauma.

✨Hidden Gems ✨

Wanda’s earning is the Mind Stone
“Vis” for Vision in a heart as well as a Silver Lightning Bolt with ‘RIP PIETRO’ for Wanda’s Tattoos
Loki’s shirt says ‘FROM ASGARD WITH LOVE’
Vote Loki Pin!
Miss Minutes Sticker on Loki’s Guitar
Thor’s Hammer on Loki’s Guitar
Bucky’s Captain America Shield Pin for Steve/Sam
Made in 1917 aka Bucky’s birthday is March 10th, 1917
Bucky’s a drummer because Sebastian recently learned drumming!



  • 5x7

  • 11x17 ($15.00)